What you can have

Dear traveler,

here you can find information, material and ideas to help better prepare for your next voyage. While planning for your next trip, you will receive the following:

  • My assistance to help create a trip that fits your needs.
  • My expert advice to help prepare for your journey, from providing the information to telecommunicating via video calls.
  • My recommendations towards purchasing the right trip. I can join you personally on your travels or I can direct you to a trusted tour operator. In either case, the price remains the same.
  • My services as a travel guide to the polar regions and other remote destinations. Depending on your interests, I can either be with you in the field, while a third party organizes the logistics for us, or I can organize the trip for you (accommodation, transfer, itinerary, etc). As a guide, I will provide the knowledge and understanding of the environment in which we are evolving together. I can also teach you photography and help you take the best pictures to help capture the moment.
  • I will provide lectures and photo exhibitions that you can attend.
  • I will provide articles, as well as pictures and videos of my previous trips, available to be viewed or purchased for your collection.
  • My recommendations on the books best suited to your trip, and information on where to purchase them.

Jonathan Zaccaria bringing you to watch a polar bearWatching a polar bear on the sea ice in Franz Joseph Land

ten years of experience

the pros

  • By getting in touch with me, you are in direct contact with the field, you’ll be very well prepared and advised for your travel.
  • In most cases, you will be traveling with me as your guide, so there is no middleman to create miscommunication. What I say is what you get!
  • 100% of the pictures you see on this website are mine (With the exception of those I am in, and those with special mention) and there is no photo assembly. All is real!

As I travel a lot, and may be in the field, you may have to wait for me to be available before we can have a conversation together. But rest assured, this is the guarantee that while in the field, you will have my complete and undivided attention, and you are in touch with someone who knows what he is talking about.

Jonathan Zaccaria and you watching antarctic Minke whaleAn antarctic Minke whale spy hoping close to us

My philosophy

For me "traveling" means adapting to a new culture, way of life, acquiring a new point of view on the environment, getting to know new people, discovering new things, improving the knowledge and know-how, and making mind blowing wildlife encounters.

I am a very contemplative person, but am quite dynamic at the same time. What I enjoy most from traveling is the intense feeling of being deeply immersed in nature, observing the environment around us and understanding how the natural phenomenon that surrounds us work. I truly find it fascinating. This is why I have chosen not to work for travel, but to travel for work!

Let me share with you some of the best moments of my life!

In the future, I hope we can travel together with the same spirit of discovery, adventure, sense of humility, camaraderie and fraternity.

Jonathan Zaccaria, you and a half a million penguinsHere in South Georgia with a half million of King penguins

Your feedback

Dear M. [...]

Greetings from Sydney Australia and a very Happy New Year to you. We write to thank you personally for a superb and most enjoyable Polar Expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula via South Georgia and the Falklands Islands. [...] Also, Thank you for the last minute cabin upgrade and the fulfillment of all the arrangements made with you.

The leadership, enthusiasm and decisive actions of both the Captain of the [...] and the expedition Leader (Jonathan ZACCARIA) are highly commended. Their determination and commitment to maximize each and every opportunity afforded by the weather /wildlife encounters and zodiac landings ensured the the expedition provided a 'unique, once in a lifetime experience' as proscribed by the [...] mission statement. Their collective stewardship is what made this expedition so successful for everyone on board. You are a good man Mr […]; true to your word in keeping your promise to us to provide an expedition worthy of the [...] name. In this instance, you have over delivered; which is a great credit to you and your team.

For that, you have our utmost respect and gratitude.

We are, assuredly; [...] Ambassadors for life!

Thank you so much.

Warmest Regards.


Dr. John D. W. and Dr. Lay Sim H.

January 7th, 2020

Cher Jonathan,

Merci beaucoup for all your enlightening and fascinating lectures, for your energetic guided hiking, and for your inspiration to look closely at nature..... and love and appreciate it even more! If ever, you come to Australia... please make contact via email... we would be very pleased to see you again.

All the best for safe travels in your adventures.

Annie and Rowan R.

November 26th, 2018

Thank you very much for all what you and your group did for us during our Antarctic trip.

Thank again.

And if you have chance to come to China,welcome to Dali,Yunnan province!

Do not hesitate to contact me:)

Liu Y.

March 12th, 2018

Hi Jonathan,

I just wanted to pass along the news about our comment cards from last trip. You were repeatedly mentioned as our best naturalist and guide.

Thanks for your great contribution to the [...] team.

Cheers, D.

29 December 29th 2017

We're repeat customers - what i love is Jonathan's way of always having more than one plan!

Helen H.

August 29th 2017

Dear Ladies & Gentleman,

My wife Sigrid and myself joined the [...] tour to Franz Joseph Land in August 2017. We where absolutely amazed of the beauty of this region, the excellent service on board and the perfect leading and advising of the complete expedition team on board and on site of the Russian national park guides. Especially we would like to thank Jonathan Zaccaria for his perfect and professional leading of the expedition, his fantastic skills to make everyone happy and feel like at home on the ship. Also we would like to thank Jonathan for his outstanding activities during our problem with a cancelled night flight after leaving the ship early 29th of August.

He helped in an manner of perfect leadership and friendliness to his guests , which you won’t find not very often.

Please give our warmest thanks further to Jonathan and we wish you and him all the best in future.

Kind Regards

Sigrid and Matthias M.

September 9th 2017

Jonathan is a class in whistle for the management and the competence. Thank you very much.

Peter K.

July 1st 2017

Jonathan Zaccaria the Expedition Leader kept the next day’s plans close to the vest. He has lots of Antarctic experience but this is his first season as an Expedition Leader. You would not know it. He has an excellent working relationship with the captain [...] It was a good mix with lots of vertical hikes, flat beach areas, and ice to cruise. He gave a few presentations at recap very knowledgeable and ran a documentary type film of his overwintering experience in Antarctica.

Report from agency [...] Sharon K.

Dec. 28th 2015

Jonathan Zaccaria and you in Greenland by an icefront

You're preparing yourself
for the trip of a lifetime, so think twice about it!

You're preparing yourself
for the trip of a lifetime, so think twice about it!

You're preparing yourself
for the trip of a lifetime, so think twice about it!

You're preparing yourself
for the trip of a lifetime, so think twice about it!